What is a Cosmic Coach?

  I am here to help you better understand who you are and how to make the most of the gifts you have to live the life you want and illuminate your consciousness. My purpose is to help you incorporate astrology into your day to day life so you can learn to use all the tools that God has given you to be your best self.

Why I'm here as your Cosmic Coach,

I’ve been studying astrology for over 10 years as a secret hobby that I was initially afraid to share for fear of judgement. During that time, I’ve been exposed to teachers from many different schools of thought and have seen “good” astrology and “bad” astrology.

I’ve seen half assed horoscopes that perpetuate the myths of astrology being general and I’ve experienced professionals give me a reading and then propose a $700 healing ritual to help me cleanse my demons. What I learned was that no one can clear your demons for you. Only you can do that. Astrology is a gift to us from the universe to make sense of the world around us and to help us overcome our day to day with God’s grace.

I began teaching my friends and colleagues about their charts and watching their lives change through their alignment with the energies. My goal is to teach you how to incorporate astrology into your daily life and use the universal energy to help guide you through difficult times and to maximize times of abundance.


Mary, Founder & Astrologer


I’ll show you your soul’s blueprint so you can release negative patterns and express with uncensored abandon, your unique gifts and talents in the world.



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